Translation of large volumes of text in a short period of time usually means involving several translation vendors. In this case, inconsistency and other errors are almost inevitable. If a quality translation is your primary goal and you do not know the target language and cannot evaluate the quality of the translation yourself, just send the translation to us! ITI’s Language Quality Assurance service will help you make sure that the translation is good.

We have a large experience in performing quality checks of the translated content regardless of what it is:

  • a software,
  • a document,
  • an e-mail to your valued customer,
  • a license agreement,
  • or anything else.

The LQA service will give you a reliable evaluation of the translation.

Our principles

  • We never review translations performed by our company.
  • We treat all vendors whose translations we check fairly.
  • We offer a clear and understandable error report and positive advice on how to improve the quality of the translation.
  • We always show the severity of errors in order for you to have an objective opinion on the quality of the translation.

Our strategy

  • We submit 3rd party review, LQAs, LQIs and similar review tasks to subject-matter experts only.
  • We always check terminology consistency.
  • We always check the consistency of the translation on the whole.
  • We always perform additional target language proofreading by highly experienced linguists in order to ensure that the text is grammatically accurate.

Your gain

  • 3rd party quality check performed by native speakers who are subject matter experts.
  • Guarantee that the result visible to the users meets your expectations.
  • Additional proofing and correction of errors admitted by your vendor.
  • Iron-clad guarantee that terms in the translation are used consistently.