Glossary Creation

In the localization industry, it is universally acknowledged that every translation project is unique in its own way. But absolutely all projects have one thing in common: they contain specific words that should be translated consistently, i.e. terms. Careful work with terminology is obligatory to make a translation fluent and easy to read and understand. In fact, this work guarantees the success of your localized product.

Interested? Then we can offer glossary creation services to boost the quality of your work!

Ideally, terminology work should be started even before the translation process itself, because it will save a lot of time and effort when the translation begins. In other words, it is much easier to use correct and consistent terminology from the very beginning than to check and correct large volumes of text when the whole work is already done. This strategy is appreciated for its true value and has been adopted by large companies that have already tried different ways and know the localization process thoroughly, such as Microsoft.

As we grasp all the advantages of this approach, we utilize two major methods that help us extract terminology from any text:

manual extraction. This method is used for small projects. Manual term extraction is carried out by qualified linguists who can spot terms in the text at first glance.

automatic & manual extraction. This method is used for large projects. Firstly, we analyze the text with the help of a special tool* and get a list of prospective terms. Secondly, our linguists look through this list, pick the real terms and delete the false ones. After that, we create a glossary on the basis of the final list of terms.

When the extraction process is finished, we translate the glossary (we offer glossary translation as a separate service as well). As terminology is the basis of our future localization work, translation of a glossary is a very special and high-profile task. Only specialists in the subject area (SMEs) perform this kind of tasks.

The outcome of the extraction and translation stages is a glossary in MultiQA which we and our clients then manage and update. We:

  • Add new terms
  • Update existing translations and their statuses
  • Share the glossary among the members of the translation team with the ability to add/change terms online simultaneously, depending on their role in terminology management
  • Hold terminology discussions
  • Perform terminology checks on completed translations

*In case you are interested in terminology workflow please click here.