Quality Control

When we speak about quality with colleagues from different parts of the world, we still sometimes are told that the best quality is guaranteed by the best resources.

In a way, it is. But nowadays it is no longer just translation. And when we receive the translated and/or edited files from linguists, it does not mean that the quality of the text is final. But it must be finalized before going to the end customer or any other end user of the translated text.

Modern translation technology helps us not only to eliminate inconsistencies, both terminological and stylistic, which are inevitable when a team of linguists works on a large section of text, but also to reduce significantly the human factor on the whole.

That’s why we believe that the successful recipe for a quality translation is the combination of resourcing and technology, so we utilize it on every localization project we perform.

For details on the automatization of quality control please see QA Tools.