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Welcome to International Translation and Informatics Ltd.!

We are a company with a wealth of more than 30 years’ experience in localization. Set up in 1992, ITI Ltd. has grown into one of the leading L10N companies in Russia.

In our day-to-day activities we use a large number of area-specific computer assisted translation (CAT) and quality assurance (QA) tools, as well as a proprietary terminology tool, which grew up to become maintained by a brand new company. By utilizing automatization and brilliant minds, we make the translation and quality checking processes easy and fast.

To ensure your product/service is localized correctly and on the highest level of quality, we work with linguists who are subject matter experts (SMEs) able to make balanced and professional translation choices.

Our world-class Software Development team, which has been with us from the very beginning, helps us to unlock the capabilities of modern CAT and management technologies. Our team of Project Managers is a think-tank of proactive experts who are always there to help you with anything you wish.

MLVs worldwide turn to ITI Ltd. for advice and help in completing the most challenging localization projects.

Our Clients: