A Time of New Ideas

Autumn is harvest time. Pumpkins ripen in gardens and fields, musicians travel on tours to support their latest albums, and translators head off to conferences. If impressive seeds and fresh ideas are to blossom in our pumpkin, it needs to be provided with the best nutrition. Fortunately, the translation industry does have the capacity to generate the right vitamins for fruitful activity.

Thus, early October saw Moscow’s three leading translation companies organize the latest and now fourth meeting of the MTC translators’ club.

The heads of ‘Janus’, ‘Logrus’ and ‘Neotech’, notwithstanding the tradition, did not personally attend the event, but did ensure worthy substitutes in the form of invited speakers, including ones from abroad. The audience was given the chance to pick up some hints from the gurus of marketing (D. Funtov) and sales (Jessica E. Rathke). This ‘new blood’, especially if it is of such top-notch calibre, is always able to help change mental stereotypes, to push the envelope of working practices and to turn many of them on their head. It’s especially pleasing for a team to work and not be willing to rest on laurels by following the mantra ‘It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all’ (Edward de Bono).


We in ‘ITI’ don’t know what laurels are. So in October, after MTC-4, we headed off to the friendly climes of Europe, in particular to Ljubljana, for the TTT conference that was organized for the third time by one of our favourite partners.
We wanted to visit Slovenia for ages, but for various reasons had to settle for following TTT from the side-lines. Finally, at the third time of asking we attended, and we were the only representatives from Russia. What is to all intents and purposes a small international gathering (90 delegates from 20 countries) can be recommended to partners from both Russia and abroad, first and foremost because it has a number of advantages over the classical conference.


Minion of Steel by MemoQ


Richard Brooks predicts future

Despite the fact that ТТТ equals Translation + Technology + Terminology, the organizers approached the problem from different angles. The program, of course, contained traditional themes:

  • management of terminology (something we are very fond of, and we are even fonder of discussing this topic with professionals) and quality,
  • MT (something that we in ITI also respect and are able to do and are always actively debating the issue),
  • business development (ideas that are very similar to Decide | Describe | Deliver and which are being expressed everywhere now, including the Skolkovo Start-up Academy),
  • working with resources;

delegates visited the sponsors’ short presentations and the group discussion on the future of the discipline. Furthermore, we were all given the opportunity:
a) to become familiar with the topical issue of robotics, as exemplified by the popular NAO robot,
b) to learn about the behaviour strategies of Turtle, Teddy Bear, Shark, Fox and Owl, used at work and in daily life,
c) and, most important of all, to think for ourselves. The ‘6 thinking hats’ brainstorming strategy developed by Dr. Edward de Bono asked the audience the ever-relevant question: ‘How can you attract a new customer?’ and suggested new ways of finding answers.


After a short break, working in assorted groups, we looked for a solution to the following situation: ‘The customer who brings in no profit: what can we do about it?’

After two productive days spent in the excellent company of:

  • gurus of our industry, such as Dion Wiggins, Doug Lawrence, Richard Brooks, Stefan Gentz, Jurek Nedoma, Manal Amin, Manuele Vecchi,
  • the peerless Iolar team headed by their СЕО — the amazing Marjana Plukavec
  • and many, many more new friends from the conference,


Gala networking

all those who wanted to got together for a tourist trip. Even here Iolar managed to spring a surprise: instead of the predicted tour around Slovenia with the help of Eventico a one-day trip to enchanting Venice was organized.


Iolar knights arrived in Venice

So, if you are tired of traditional industry-based events, if the topics seem to you to have been covered from all sides by now, and you as a seasoned player in the translation market have lost interest in ‘typical conferences’, come and rub shoulders with the young and dynamic team of Iolar, a team that is brimming with new ideas and approaches. Make yourself think in new ways. Look at the experience of cognate industries, organize your own events (which is something the MTC is particularly successful at), go out and recruit young specialists, and charge up your batteries for new successes!

(Russian) Компания «ITI» на страже образования

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We are ISO Certified now!

imageWe are glad to share with you our next achievement: ITI is ISO-certified now!

It was the long way to this  event, but we did it! On the 10th of July we got the Certificates.

Full English and Russian versions are available on our site.